ICOSP 2019

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

We welcome submissions related to these tracks as well as other areas related to signal processing. We encourage researchers, engineers, and practitioners to submit their original and unpublished research papers, as well as proposals for workshops, tutorials, and special sessions. We look forward to receiving your contributions and to having a fruitful conference in Sanya, China!
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1. Signal Processing for Communications:
▪ Channel coding and decoding
▪ Equalization and synchronization
▪ Modulation and demodulation
▪ Multiple access techniques
▪ Wireless and cellular networks
▪ Cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access

2. Audio and Speech Processing:
▪ Speech analysis and synthesis
▪ Audio and speech recognition
▪ Audio and speech enhancement
▪ Music signal processing
▪ Audio and speech coding
▪ Language modeling and understanding

3. Image and Video Processing:
▪ Image and video compression
▪ Image and video restoration
▪ Image and video analysis
▪ Image and video recognition
▪ Image and video synthesis
▪ Deep learning for image and video processing

4. Biomedical Signal Processing:
▪ Electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis
▪ Electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis
▪ Medical imaging and diagnosis
▪ Biomedical signal processing for diagnosis and treatment
▪ Wearable sensors and devices for healthcare

5. Multidimensional Signal Processing:
▪ Array signal processing
▪ Tensor signal processing
▪ Multidimensional filtering and transforms
▪ Sparse signal processing
▪ Compressed sensing

6. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning for Signal Processing:
▪ Statistical signal processing
▪ Bayesian inference and estimation
▪ Supervised and unsupervised learning
▪ Deep learning for signal processing
▪ Pattern recognition and classification

7. Signal Processing for Control and Robotics:
▪ Control systems theory
▪ Robust and adaptive control
▪ Nonlinear control
▪ Networked control systems
▪ Robot perception and control

8. Signal Processing for Radar and Sonar Applications:
▪ Radar and sonar signal processing
▪ Signal processing for imaging and sensing
▪ Detection and tracking algorithms
▪ Array processing for radar and sonar
▪ Synthetic aperture radar and inverse problems